“I recently completed three months of coaching with Teresa Ford. I enjoyed our coaching conversations immensely and felt as though her approach was truly aimed at finding ways to help me achieve my goals in a very personal way. No diet plans here! I discovered pleasures of altering my diet to include lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I have experienced eating struggles during my life (overweight teenager, anorexia, and yo-yo dieting) and had come to see cooking and eating as simply a battleground. I didn’t like to cook, go food shopping, think ahead or plan. With Teresa’s coaching, I learned to enjoy shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, making choices based on the lovely colors I found among the fruits and vegetables sections, arranging food for aesthetic pleasures of the color palette available to me in the plant world. My new way of eating is simpler – lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and a broad variety of salad choices. I have found interesting ways to entertain at small social gatherings for friends, with lovely entrees from the amazing fruit and vegetable world, providing so many colors, sizes, and shapes. I do not know what to call this approach to eating – a mindful and aesthetic approach to eating! Thank you Teresa!”