The book The China Study started me on my journey toward plant-based eating and veganism in 2012. Soon after, I came across plant-based advocate Michael Greger, MD and his website I’ve been an avid follower of his work ever since. He scours and assesses the vast body of published nutrition literature, old and new, and presents his findings to us in a variety of engaging ways. Our diet is our leading cause of disease, but we get lots of mixed messages about what constitutes a healthy diet. Dr. Greger lays it out for us and helps us achieve it for optimal health and longevity. If you are not yet familiar with who this dynamo is or what he does, I encourage you to check him out. I’ll tell you why.

His Compelling Back Story


When Dr. Greger was a child his grandmother was diagnosed with end stage heart disease and told by doctors at the age of 65 that her life was over. But then through Dr. Nathan Pritikin’s program, she adopted a plant-based diet, which completely turned her health around. She lived another 31 years! As a direct result of this experience, Dr. Greger chose to pursue a career in medicine, specializing in clinical nutrition. This man is obviously on a life-long mission to raise awareness for the evidence-based health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Let’s look at some of the ways he’s doing it.





Nutrition Videos

The focus of Dr. Greger’s website is a searchable database of nutrition videos. Each five minute video covers a specific topic. During the video he reviews and critiques the associated research literature in a way that engages laypeople and medical professionals alike. References and a transcript are a click away. Published most days, subscribe here to receive a link to each new video. 



Do you enjoy podcasts? Listen to nutrition video content through Dr. Greger’s podcast here.


Year-in-Review Videos and Live Talks


His Year-in-Review videos are an excellent overview of what the evidence indicates about diet and health. He gives live talks live at various locations across North America (schedule is here). I’ve been fortunate to see him speak a couple of times – he draws large audiences!



Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen App


This app is free, and I love it because it not only informs, but also motivates. It lists foods we should strive to eat and the number of servings of each per day. Throughout the day, tap on the circles as you eat, and you’ll see your daily progress indicated at the top. The recommendations are based on Dr. Greger’s years of review of published research articles. Click on a food category and you’ll see examples of each, as well as what constitutes one serving.












His Book: How Not to Die


What a catchy title! Published in 2015, it became an instant best-seller. I recommend this book to everyone. With 130 pages of references, it satisfies even skeptical health care professionals. He makes a compelling case for plant-based eating that is very difficult to deny. And all in his characteristic humorous and matter-of-fact way. Part 1 covers why to eat healthfully (broken down by disease), and part II covers how to do it.   








Then…The How Not to Die Cookbook


Published in 2017, this cookbook makes it very easy to follow the evidence-based recommendations he set forth in the book How Not to Die. We find that the recipes are generally quick and simple to make, as well as tasty. We regularly enjoy The Beans & Greens Quesadillas, and the Zucchini Noodles with Avocado-Cashew Alfredo was a hit. There are dessert recipes too! Check out Fudgy No-Bake Brownies, Raspberry-Peach Crisp, or Almond-Chocolate Truffles.








There’s no telling what else Dr. Greger has in store to educate and motivate us. His commitment to helping us prevent, treat and even reverse disease simply through what we eat is remarkable. I think you’ll agree.