About Teresa Ford

My journey to a whole-food plant-based diet started with my husband Wayne’s struggle with high cholesterol. His strong family history of heart disease was a looming concern and his doctor was heading toward prescribing him medication, which he would be on for life. But Wayne wanted to try to address it through diet. Unfortunately, despite following a dietician-prescribed diet, Wayne’s cholesterol remained too high. I became curious and wanted to understand more about the relationship between diet and disease. In my research, I learned that eating unprocessed, plant-based food can have a huge impact on cholesterol levels plus a whole lot more. So to test the theory, for three months we ate minimal amounts of processed and animal foods, and instead ate lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Result: Wayne’s cholesterol dropped 20% and eventually normalised. And he’s maintained a 20-pound weight loss, which contributes positively not only to health, but also to his athletic pursuits. Wayne continues to be prescription-free.